The Walking Dead #155 Review

Tip of the Spear.

The Walking Dead #155

The Walking Dead # 155 is pretty much a transition chapter.  It further sets up the conflicts between our survivors and the Whispers, and has us excited for the upcoming war between the two groups.  At the same time, it also raises the question who the real villain is in this new world.

Once again, the highlight of the issue is the panels between Alpha and Negan.  It’s fun to see that Alpha is not having it at all for Negan’s crude behavior and foul languages, but at the same time, she cannot help it but to keep the guy around.  The dynamics between the two characters is great, and once again, I’m really looking forward to see where this team-up will take us to next.

Sadly, the rest of the issue is kind of sloppy compares to Negan and Alpha’s panels.  The fight between Beta and Michonne starts off great, but it doesn’t work out well at all, and Aaron’s fate hanging on the thread doesn’t work for me at all.  I mean, it’s the series trying to use Aaron’s death as a push to finally have a full-blown war with the Whispers?  I mean, I don’t think the guy is that important to Rick to push him over the edge.  Andrea on the other hand…

And Rick is becoming a more and more dangerous character.  His behavior is very similar to Negan’s, and he’s manipulating the survivors as well.  While we are still rooting for our main characters (mainly), it’s hard not to wonder who the real villain of the upcoming war really is.

– The Good:

  • Negan and Alpha.
  • Rick’s dark side.

– The Bad:

  • Michonne and Beta’s fight.
  • Aaron’s cliffhanger.

– Overall Score: 7.8/10