New Info on Pokemon Sun and Moon Revealed

Legendary, New region, professor and more.

The Pokemon Company has released a new video on Pokemon Sun and Moon, and it named off the two Legendary Pokemon to be Solgaleo and Lunala.

Solgaleo is going to be a psychic/steel type and Lunala will be psychic/ghost type.

Meanwhile, the video also shows off the Alola region, new QR Scanner system and a Pokemon that lives in your Pokedex???


That’s the Alola region.  The new region focuses on four main islands and an artificial island.  And of course, there are going to be a lot of new Pokemon.


Again, you can choose between a male and female playable character.  This is the first time female character is revealed too!


Once again, you can choose what your character is going to look like.


Turns out this guy is the professor of Alola region, and his name is Kukui.  He’s a specialist on Pokemon moves.


This is Lillie, the professor’s assistant.  She’s a mysterious girl that’s around the same age as the player character, and she doesn’t like Pokemon battles.


Hau is your friend, and he loves Pokemon!  He’s your very first friend when you moved to the Alola region, and has a weakness for malasada, a famous treat from the Alola region.


The new game will have a QR Scanner system that allows you to scan QR codes to see information about Pokemon.  You can even registered the Pokemon on your Pokedex and find out where the Pokemon lives on the Alola region.  You can also share QR codes with friends.


The new game features a special Pokedex with a Rotom in it!  Rotom is a special Pokemon that likes to live electronic devices and now it gives your Pokedex its very own personality.  The Rotom Pokedex will also function as a map too by showing your current location and next destination, as well as advice on where to go next.  It’s going to be your very own sidekick on your journey.