The Walking Dead #154 Review

Led to slaughter.

The Walking Dead #154

With Negan back, The Walking Dead is once again picking up paces.  The character just recently made his introduction to the TV series, and it’s great to see him returning to spotlight in the comic series as well.  And with the direction Robert Kirkman is going towards, the comic series is about to get really, really interesting.

Negan’s interaction with the Whispers is great!  He’s still the same fun, cocky character we love to hate and having him possibly join forces with the Alpha is like a dream come true.  Meanwhile, Kirkman also introduces us to another great villain from the Whispers in the form of Beta.  The guy is really scary, and I’m sad to say that this might be it for Aaron.

The only problem I have with the issue is the over dialogues.  Negan sure talks a lot, but this issue sure features a lot of dialogues.  It becomes a bit hard to read, and that’s quite a shame.

Overall this is a great issue that picks the current storyline to steam.  Things are not going to be the same anymore, and I can’t wait to find out what kind of danger Negan and Alpha are going to bring to our survivors.

– The Good:

  • Negan!
  • New villain.
  • Great setup for future storyline.

– The Bad:

  • A bit too much on dialogues.

– Overall Score: 9/10