The Walking Dead “The Next World” Review

The Law of Averages, man!

The Walking Dead The Next WorldWhat an episode everyone!  What an episode!  This is easily one of the funniest, light-hearted episode of The Walking Dead ever, and dare I say- the first episode ever to pair Rick and Daryl out on a solo mission?  I might be wrong, but I really like the pairing.  But we all know this is not the paring we care here.  Oh no, something else better happened in this episode.

Ready?  Drum rolls!!!!!  Rick and Michonne are together now!  What!  This is like the best storyline alternation for the TV Series ever and it makes perfect sense!  The show has been building up something between the two, so it’s great to see them together.  Rick ends up with another long-term female survivor too post-Jessie in the comic series, but the different decision here makes so much more sense, and I’m looking forward to see how from this point on Michonne is going to be different from her comic counterpart, which is a lot different already.

Also, she can be the perfect stepmom for Carl too.  The two have already shared a lot of great moments together even before this episode, and they have the best I love you moment in the show too.  Mentioning the troubled teen, are we really not going to address what’s going on under his bandages?  He’s going around town with a hole on his face, and we are supposed to be okay with that?  Now I can’t wait to get my new Carl TV Series action figure with the updated bandage look.

Oh, and what I said about Enid is pretty much coming true here anyway.  In case you forgot, I made the speculation that Enid will take up Sophia’s role in the comic series and becomes some sort of adopted daughter for Glenn and Maggie.  It’s starting to seem like that case now, and well, there’s really nothing more I can say than interesting character development.

The Walking Dead The Next World 1Meanwhile, the episode features a side story where Spencer (that’s his name right?) has to deal with his zombified mother.  While it’s good to see Deanna again, the story doesn’t really offer much at all.  I guess the writers need to fill in some gaps, and it’s cheaper to offer an Also-Starring actor a role, rather than a main character.  Seriously, where’s Glenn, Carol or Morgan?

Okay, let’s talk about the real meat of the episode: Rick and Daryl’s day out.  It’s a fun adventure without big, terrible things to happen, and we get to see the two with some really, really cute moment.  Keep sharing that chocolate you guys, and please kiss next.  Anyway, it’s also interesting to look how the two have a completely 180 with their ideas on recruitment, as Daryl has encountered enough asses to know how dangerous people are now, and Rick is suddenly really optimistic on recruiting.  Rick’s sudden changes is hard to explain, so I’m not even going to try here.

And JESUS!  Another comic character is introduced to the show!  The character is fun, skilled fighter and full of surprises, and I’m in LOVE with the way the show introduces him.  His bizarre actions are going to be explained in the next episode for sure, but I cannot stress how important he is going to be for the future storyline.  However, despite how cool Jesus is, it’s really not cool to walk into Rick and Michonne naked in bed!  Learn your manners, bro!

Anyway, that’s all I have to say about this week’s light-hearted Walking Dead.  Intentional funny, a great introduction of a new character and Rick and Michonne hooking up.  What more can we really ask for?

– The Good:

  • Jesus!
  • Rick and Daryl’s quality time.
  • New couple!
  • Some intentional funny moments.

– The Bad:

  • Spencer’s moment.

– Overall Score: 9.2/10