The Walking Dead #151 Review

Call to Arms.

The Walking Dead #151The beginning of a brand new arc.  The Walking Dead #151 introduces the idea that our communities really need a militia.  The issue open strongly with great spread page and actions, and it quickly establishes how much training these people really need.  It’s also a fun way to look that Rick might not be as capable as he used to be two years ago.

It has been shown ever since the time skip, and Rick is starting to become incapable compares to how he was before.  This has to be an upcoming plot somehow right?  The communities are already not very happy with Rick as a leader until he decides to start a war with the Whispers.  Seeing how weak Rick is becoming, I’m pretty sure there’s another chance the communities are going to turn against this leader.

Meanwhile, it’s also good see Dwight becoming such an important character.  It’s a bit sad to see him unable to escape his fate of becoming a leader, but the guy has great assets that cannot be looked away easily.  Now that he’s not the leader of Saviors anymore, I’m curious to see what’s going to happen over there.  It’s also interesting to note that Rick’s people are starting to take over all the communities.  It’s really a matter of time that Carl becomes the leader of the Saviors.

And that’s pretty much it.  The rest of the chapter is kind of slow, and we have an already too redundant conversations between Rick and Michonne.  Also, Rick’s brief encounter with Negan should be a little longer.  Rick was thinking about letting Negan out right?  That would be pretty cool I’m not going to lie.

The ending does show some promises though.  I wonder who’s on the other side??

– The Good:

  • Great opening.
  • Dwight’s importance.

– The Bad:

  • Slow second half.

– Overall Score: 7.8/10