DC Comics Announced Hanna-Barbera Comics

Scooby-Doo, Johnny Quest, Flintstones and more.

Future-Quest-promoDC Comics has announced that they’re releasing a line of comic books based on Hanna-Barbera’s cartoon properties such as Scooby Doo, Wacky Races, Space Ghost, Johnny Quest and more.

Launching in May, DC will launch new takes on the classics with titles such as Scooby Apocalypse, Future Quest, Wacky Raceland and Flintstones.

scooby-doo-jim-leeScooby Apocalypse is said to be the “crown jewel” of reboot line-up.  It’s unknown what’s going on here, but Shaggy’s new look is really, really bothering me.  I hope this is one of those really dark series, and Shaggy will bite the dust soon.

Future-Quest-promoFuture Quest is like a big Hanna-Barbera party and everyone is invited.  The concept here reminds me of Venture Bros. or Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law and that’s great!  I’m a big fan of both those franchises.

Wacky Raceland will take the concept of Wacky Races show, with the spin of Mad Max’s dark and gritty.

Flintstones-promoAnd we have the Flintstones… Not much to say here, but updated art and concept I guess.

The titles will be launching in May.  Which one are you interested in?