No Restore Points in Upcoming Pokemon Virtual Console Games

Smart decision anyway.

pokemonredvc3dsNintendo has released the Virtual Console manuals for the upcoming release of Pokemon Red/Blue/Green and Yellow on  Nintendo 3DS, and it appears that players are not allow to create Restore Point or access the home menu with the Pokemon virtual titles.

Both abilities can usually be found within 3DS Virtual Console titles, and it’s a bit strange the Pokemon titles are missing such abilities.  Player will have to save the game the old fashion Pokemon way, and the Virtual Console menu will be replaced by a Cable Club Communication Menu that allow players to connect with others that have Pokemon Red/Blue/Green or Yellow.  Also, players have to completely close the game first before allowing to access the Nintendo 3DS home menu again.

Pokemon Red/Blue and Yellow will be released worldwide on Nintendo 3DS eShop on February 27th.  Pokemon Green will be exclusive to Japan only.