Pocket Mortys Review

The Pokemon clone without depths.

Pocket Mortys 2I was really excited when I first heard Adult Swims Games is about to release a Rick and Morty game.  Better yet, the game will play like a Pokemon clone with different kind of Mortys fighting each others.  However, after hours of gameplay, the game turns out to be nothing more than a shallow clone without much depth into the gameplay.

The idea of the game is simple: For some reason, all the Mortys from different dimensions are separated from their Ricks, and it’s up to you, the Rick with a very average Morty to collect all the other Mortys and find out what happened.  This is a really interesting concept, as it allows you to see all kind of different Mortys, including one with three eyes or a hippie one, across the dimensions.

However, the different kind of Mortys is pretty much only cosmetic.  It doesn’t serve much purpose, but to keep things a bit interesting.  Trying to mimic Pokemon, Mortys have different types as well: rock. paper and scissor.  However, the simple type match is, well, too simple.  At the end, it doesn’t require strategy to play the game at all, but a simple type match.

Pocket Mortys 1The game also offers a lot of in-jokes from the show itself.  It’s fun to see items from the show making appearances in the game, as well as certain characters playing an important role.  For example, when all your Mortys are defeated, the Birdperson will appear to carry you back to the health center.  A lot like the blackout process in Pokemon games.  Also, the game really needs more health restore points, but I guess that’s where the micro-transition kicks in.

Compares to other free-to-play games, Pocket Mortys actually does a pretty good job not* require you to spent any real money at all.  Of course, the game might be a lot smoother if you actually spend a dollar here and there, but you really don’t have to and enjoy the game overall.  However, like most licensed games, the game lacks actual storyline, and a lot of jokes are rehashed from the show itself.  It can be quite boring after a while.

At the end, Pocket Mortys is nothing more than a Pokemon clone without depth.  It’s an interesting concept, but things die out quickly and there’s nothing special about the Mortys.  It’s great that the game is trying to be Pokemon, there’s nothing wrong with that.  But it misses all the actual charms that make Pokemon the game it is today, and everything is wrong about that.

– The Good:

  • Fun jokes.
  • Feel like the show.

– The Bad:

  • Shallow gameplay.
  • All the Mortys are the same.

– Overall Score: 6.5/10