The Walking Dead #150 Review


The Walking Dead #150And here we are: The big 150!!  While the event portrays in the issue might not be as dramatic as what happened in #100, it’s still a boost the series needed after the time skip.  The Whispers already made their moves, and Rick has finally made the decision that will change the communities forever.

It’s great that Kirkman is still able to find new conflicts for our characters even after a sanctuary is established.  For the longest time, it has always been our characters’ goal to find a place to belong.  Now that’s already done, the Whispers, ones that don’t want to find humanity anymore become their biggest enemies.  It’s a nice change from everything we’ve been through before, and it’s about time we find out if humanity is really lost or not.

Rick has once again proven to be the leader of the humanity, but ironically, he’s becoming more savage than ever.  This is the second time Rick kills someone by bitng their neck off, and the blood he’s covered in only furthers him from civilized.  Maybe that’s what Kirkman is trying to tell us, as there are really no going back for our survivors anymore.  Also, the splash page where the characters are chanting Rick’s name is kind of weak.

The big 150 finally puts things in motion for our characters.  How the war with the Whispers will play out is everyone’s guess, but one thing for sure there will be a lot of blood.

– The Good:

  • The decision is made.
  • Rick is back in action.

– The Bad:

  • Splash page doesn’t work.

– Overall Score: 8.5/10