Cloud Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS Impressions

The biggest surprise fighter!

Cloud Super SmashSo Cloud, for some magical reasons, is the newest fighter in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS.  Oh my god.

The Final Fantasy VII hero is a strange addition to the franchise, and he comes with many moves players are familiar with from his home game, but not seen yet in Super Smash.  Before we go into his individual moves, let’s talk about Cloud’s Limit Break.  Just like in FFVII, Cloud has a Limit Break meter that can be charged manually by pressing Down B.  It takes seven seconds to fully charge, and once charged, all of Cloud’s next special becomes a powerful kill move.  However, Cloud’s Limit Break meter will gain automatically by getting hit anyway, there’s really no need to charge the meter manually.  If anything, charging it manually might not be the best strategy, as you might lose advantages or field control by doing so.

Alright, let’s talk about the specials.  Cloud’s Neutral B is Blade Beam, and it’s an okay move with limited amount of knock back.  However, once the move is charged through Limit Break, it can be quite powerful with great knock back.  It doesn’t kill easily though, but it can be a great punish if you caught your opponents in bad positions.

The Side B is Cross Slash, and it’s a pretty interesting move.  You have to press the B button multiple time to complete the Kanji and unleash a powerful attack.  It can be a bit annoying, but it’s a really fun move that can easily push your opponents into a corner.  Meanwhile, the Limit Break version is great, and it deals with a lot of damages without the need to constantly pressing B to complete the Kanji.  Again, it’s a great move to punish your opponents.

Alright, the Up B move Climhazzard is a bit of underwhelmed.  It functions almost like Kirby and Ike’s Up B, but it doesn’t have much height or horizontal.  The character also doesn’t grab edge at all when using this move, so the move is pretty much render useless.  However, the Limit Break version is great!  It provides wonderful recover, and deal a great amount of damage when hit.

Cloud Super Smash 1Now the Normal Moves.  Cloud’s Forward Smash is great, and it can kill opponents easily around 75%!  However, the ending lag is long, so you should be careful when using it.

Other moves worth mentioning including Down Tilt and Forward Tilt.  Both moves are quick and allows Cloud to move in great distance.  They’re great movement options, and they lead to great followup.  His Down Aerial spikes the opponents too, so it’s easily a way to send your opponents to the abyss.  The best thing is the Neutral Aerial, as it’s a huge move and the fastest one too.  Honestly, don’t be shy to use this move

At the end, I’m sad to say that Cloud doesn’t have any good throw move.  The only one decent enough is Cloud’s Down Throw, as it easily allows follow ups and more attacks.  However, this is not enough for combos as both the throw and grab ranges are too short.

Cloud Stage Super SmashAt the end, let’s talk about his stage a bit.  It’s a great stage with a lot of fun stage hazards.  It’s a bit like the Pokemon Stadiums, and it features great soundtracks from the original game.  However, it’s pretty much impossible to be in tournaments ever, as those people really don’t like hazardous play ever.

Sadly, while Cloud is an interesting player with interesting moves, there’s no way he can be a top tier fighter like Ryu.  He is too unstable and the recoveries are a joke.  However, it doesn’t mean I don’t like him though, as I think he has plenty of potentials.  Under the right players, I’m sure Cloud can shine among the fighter of Smash world.