10 Things I Noticed From DC March 2016 Solicitations

The big 50s.

1. DC Making it Big!

CTW_Cv50This is a big month for DC as most of their titles that have been around since the reboot are reaching issue 50 this month.  The big 5-0!  This is a big deal in these date and age where publishers like to reboot their titles back to #1.

A lot of series such as Green Lantern and Flash are celebrating the event by having massive-sized issues.  Not to mention, great surprises from both Batman and Superman…

2. Batman Returns:

bm_50Bruce Wayne will be officially back in the position of the Caped Crusader in March.  It has been clear since Gordon first became Batman that Bruce will be back in the position soon, but I didn’t expect it will be this soon.  This will also be the last time artist Greg Capullo will be doing arts on Batman, as his departure begins with #51.

3. Men of Steel:


Like Batman, Superman is also returning to his old position in March.  However, this is going to be a much more difficult task than Batman as he lost many of his powers and his identity has been exposed.  Wondering how they’re going to fix these problems.

Also, the solicitation for Superman #50 states that Superman will meet the other Superman, the one from the previous DC Universe.  How’s he going to play into the overall lore is everyone’s guess, but it sure has me intrigued.

4. Justice League Behind:

JUSTL_Cv49Sadly, while the rest of the New 52 original titles are reaching #50, Justice League will be stuck at #49.

This issue will also be the penultimate chapter for the Darkseid War, and it’s interesting to see that one member of the Justice League will be changed forever.  Who can it be though?  I’m guessing it’s someone who doesn’t have their own solo titles such as Lex Luthor or Shazam.  Also, why is Power Ring on the side of evil on the cover??

5. Justice Leauge of America is Also Behind:

JLA_Cv9Something strange is going on with Justice League of America: the series is suffering some serious delay, and the story here is originally solicited for issue #8.  It’s unknown what’s going on here, but I don’t read the series anyway so it doesn’t matter.

6. Series End:


Both Telos and Batman and Robin Eternal are ending in March.  While the Eternal is a planned ending, Telos is due to the low sales.

Meanwhile, Omega Men is reaching its final act in March.  It’s only saved from cancellation recently so writer Tom King can finish his planned 12-issue story.

7. New Book:

LEGENDS_TOMORROW_1With cancellation comes with new series.  we talked about this before and March will see the debut of the new anthology series called Legends of Tomorrow.  The series will see story from Firestorm and Metal Men, who have been missing since Forever Evil.  Meanwhile, it will also mark the New 52 debut of Metamorpho and Sugar and Spike.  Seriously, where has Firestorm been since Forever Evil?

8. Aquawoman?

AQM_Cv50Just who the heck is Aquawoman?  Is it a new hero, or what Mera is calling herself now?  Doubtfully, as Mera always hated the name.  But anything is possible these days I guess.


9. Green Arrow vs. Deathstroke:


It’s good to see that the comic series is starting to pit the rivalries between Green Arrow and Death Stroke too.  It appears that in issue #50 the two will be fighting over something/someone called the Miracle Man.

10. What Else to Look Forward to?

BMRBET_Cv26It has been a slow couple of months for DC Comics.  It’s about time DC introduces us something great and shocking to shake up he entire publisher again.  Sadly, it doesn’t seem like the company has anything long-term planned, so I have no idea what the company is going to do to win back sales.

Hopefully something big and great soon.  Even I’m losing interest with DC Universe.