The Walking Dead #149 Review

The Devil On Your Shoulder.

The Walking Dead #149This is a slow issue.  Right before the big 150 mark, The Walking Dead is building on something big, but whatever it is, we have no idea yet.  This issue is mainly about Rick’s struggle to figure out what to do with the Whispers, and his conversation with Negan is definitely the highlight of the issue.

Negan has always been one of the best part of the series.  Him being locked up instead of killed brings a lot of interesting possibilities, and it’s clearly shown in this issue.  Now that Negan talks Rick into starting a war with the Whispers, what’s going to happen next?  Will Rick become a ruthless dictator like Negan was?  Or is he going to serve as a reminder not to go too dark?  It’s still unknown how Negan’s words are really going to affect Rick, but something big is going to happen no doubt.

Meanwhile, things are cooking up between other survivors too.  Josh’s parents are still dealing with the lost of their son, and the sudden visit from Tammy’s families is not a good sign at all.  I can easily see the survivors overthrown Rick for not doing anything.  Meanwhile, the issue also focuses a lot of Dwight too.  It’s unknown what’s going on in his mind right now, but seeing him picking up that ominous weapon again… it sends chills down my spine.

Other than the conversation between Rick and Negan, this really is a slow issue.  A lot of elements feel like familiar beats and the story hardly has any progression at all.  But hey, if it’s all for building up the big event in the next issue, I’m all for it.

– The Good:

  • Rick and Negan.
  • Dwight holding….

– The Bad:

  • Familiar beats.
  • No plot progression.

– Overall Score: 7.2/10