Game of Thrones “The Ice Dragon” Review

Season finale.

Game of THrones The Ice DragonAfter months of long wait, the first season of Telltale Games’ Game of Thrones series finally comes to an end.  It’s a long journey for the Forresters, and this episode is also the hardest to play with many decisions without an obvious “right” answer to.  However, after everything players went through, the ending can be really underwhelmed.  Thankfully we are confirmed with a second season already, right?

The best part of the episode is the split between Rodrick and Asher’s stories.  It’s such an interesting approach from Telltale themselves, and about 50% of players are experiencing two very different experiences.  While ultimately the outcomes are pretty much the same, the journey to get there is different enough and worth the two-hour long replay.  This is also where most of the actions are featured.  Nothing to fancy, just the regular kind of glitchy QTE Telltale Games are used to.

On the other hand, Gared finally reaches the North Grove and finds Lord’s Gregory’s two bastard children.  They have very interesting abilities, and one of them not even shown in the show yet, so I’m looking forward to the show’s interpretation of such ability.  However, even by the end of the episode, it’s still not clear why the North Grove is special.  It’s a big disappointment, as the mystery surrounded by the location is the main drive of the season, and it’s not cool the season ended without a clear resolution.

Game of Thrones The Ice Dragon 1The biggest disappointment is Mira’s story.  It has been the highlight of the season, so it’s a bit a shame that her story lands in such an unsatisfying way.  It almost doesn’t matter what kind of connection you had with the major players of King’s Landing, because her ultimate fate always comes down to this or that.  I have to say though, the ultimate decision what Mira’s fate is too weighty, I have to go back and make sure I made the decision that best suited my version of Mira.  I’m not going to spoil anything here, but if second season is still going to follow the Forresters, there are going to be very different of versions of games out there.

“The Ice Dragon” is a powerful episode that features a lot of difficult decisions.  However, the story is kind of disappointing as a lot of important plots are not resolved by the time the season is over.  Hopefully the game will have a season 2 soon, as I’m looking forward to find out what’s going to happen next.

– The Good:

  • Rodrick/Asher’s stories.
  • Hard decisions.

– The Bad:

  • Bad resolutions.
  • North Grove underwhelmed.
  • Mira’s fate.

– Overall Score: 7.8/10