Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension (Super Short) Review

No more.

Paranormal ActivityI have a chance to view A LOT of films in the past few months. However, I’m not a quick reviewer and they’re really piling up. No joke, I have about 10 movies queuing up and with my schedule of 1 review per week, I won’t be able to finish them until next year. Therefore, I decide to do super short reviews for some of these films. This way I get to review more films per week and still have the chance to give out details reviews for films I really care about.

After about six films, the Paranormal Activity franchise finally comes to an end.  The franchise has come really far, and by the end, no one really cares anymore.  The Ghost Dimension is not really good either, and the film ends when things are only starting to get interesting.  At the end, it doesn’t matter what happens to the characters as the film doesn’t give us a proper ending anyway.