10 Things I Noticed From DC February 2016 Solicitations

The month of changes.

1. One Shot and Miniseries:

DKlll_3rd-DWFebruary will see a one-shot that takes place in the world of The Dark Knight Returns.  This one shot will see Batman in his younger days, and most likely how Joker killed Robin as well.

Meanwhile, a new miniseries called Superman: The Coming of Superman will be debuted as well.  The series will see all different Superman (or Supermen?) from different universes come together to fight Darkseid.  Okay…

2. No Justice League:

JL_special_1_CVR_fnlNo regular Justice League this month.  Instead, we’re getting a Justice League: Darkseid War oversized one shot.  The one-shot will be focused on Darkseid’s daughter Grail and we will see how the story will affect the future of DCU.

3. Wonder Woman: Earth One:

WWE1v1_CASE_AWonder Woman: Earth One is being early solicited for an April release.  It’s still a few months away from the release, but I’m glad to see the Earth One franchise being further established.  It also makes me wonder what other Earth One titles are going to be released?  Green Lantern?  Flash?  Justice League?

4. Batman’s New Artist:

BM_Cv49Greg Capullo is leaving Batman and his replacement has been found: Yanick Paquette.  It’s unknown how long he will stick around, or when will Capullo return.

Meanwhile, the issue will also reveal Bruce Wayne’s fate.

5. Other Changes:

AQ_49_PROMOOther than Capullo leaving Batman, DC is having a lot of creative team changes on other titles too.  Dan Abnett will take over Cullen Bunn on Aquaman; Time Seeley and Juan Ferreya will be the new team for New Suicide Squad, and Greg Pak will join Teen Titans as writer.

6. The Rouges are the Law?

FLS_Cv49The Rogues are back and they’re going to hunt down the Flash.  However, things are different this time as they have the Central City Police on their side.  It’s strange how this is happening, and I’m wondering if Flash is actually the bad guy now.

7. Ares and Apollo are Back:

WW_Cv49Apollo and Ares are back in Wonder Woman #49!  The first time since Brain Azzarello concludes his run.

It’s unknown what the new story is going to do with these characters.  More interestingly, it’s Wonder Woman still the God of War if Ares is back?

8. Titans Hunt’s Villain Revealed:

TNHUNT_Cv5It’s revealed that Mr. Twister is the main villain that’s hunting all the Titans.  However, it’s still unknown why the villain is hunting down the teen heroes though.

Also, it’s worth noticing that Dick Grayson is back in his NIghtwing outfit again.

9. Parallax Returns:

GL_Cv49The solicitation for Green Lantern #49 states that Parallax, the biggest threat of Green Lantern Corps, is right around the corner.  It’s been a while since we last seen the fear entity, so it’s great to see it coming back again.

10. Joker Returns in Harley Quinn:

HQ25_CVR_VARWe last seen Joker at the end of Endgame, but it appears that he will be back in Harley Quinn #25.

It’s great to see the psychotic villain again, but knowing the nature of Harley Quinn, I highly doubt the story here should be treated as canon at all.  But hey, it’s still great to see him regardless.