The Walking Dead #148 Review

No Turning Back.

The Walking Dead #148Something big is about to happen in The Walking Dead.  With the recent tragedies, the people of Alexandria are not going to follow Rick anymore and things are getting ugly real quick.  Kirkman is really building up something, and I can’t wait to see what it is.

The conflicts from the previous issue feels kind of cheap here.  The Mexican standoff feels really forced here, and while Carl’s decision to point his gun at Andrea is interesting, it’s not enough to make the whole anticipation justified.  The rest of the issue though, it’s a great and smooth ride.  Rick’s meeting gone wrong is a powerful moment for our hero, and it’s starting to show it’s not easy to rule a large community at all.  The ending is great too, as Rick requests Negan’s help.  I have no idea what Rick needs Negan’s help for, but I’m really glad Kirkman decides to keep the bad guy around.  Hey, by the way, have you guys heard Negan is coming to the show too?

The issue also shows a different side of Alpha and how her community works.  It appears that Alpha might not be as cold-hearted as she appears.  Seeing how the Whispers’ function, there’s a strong possibility she does what she has to do to stay alive.  If she shows any sign of weakness, she can be killed and replaced.  Alpha is quickly becoming the most complex and interesting villain in the entire Walking Dead series.

The current story is kind of slow now, but it’s really building up to something great.  Alexandria is quickly falling apart, and Alpha is quickly becoming the most complex villain.  Can’t wait to see what Kirkman has planned next.

– The Good:

  • Rick losing control.
  • Alpha’s complex emotion.

– The Bad:

  • Some forced, unnecessary drama.

– Overall Score: 8.4/10