The Walk Review

Believe in yourself.

The Walk is an amazing film.  Following the true story of Philippe Petit (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), the film tells a great, heart-warming tale where Petit and a group of motley crew traverse a high-wire rigged between the Twin Towers back in 1974.  It’s a film about believe and it gives viewers hope to accomplish anything if minds are put into it.

The film is engaging and powerful right away.  Gordon-Levitt gives the film the right kind of energy and enthusiasm, Petit is a likeable guy instantly.  It’s clear where he is from and what his goal is, in many ways, he’s relatable too.  You want to root for him and you want him to success.  Well, we already know the walk is a success, otherwise it would be a very different film.  But the point is to see how the walk come together and how he sets up whole thing.  The journey is as fun as the destination, and director Robert Zemeckis makes sure of that.

The Walk 2Ben Kingsley’s Pap Rudy is the soul of the film.  The man’s responsible of teaching Petit everything about high-wiring, and he’s like a father figure to him as well.  He offers equally amount of energy as well, and it’s easily an important part of the film.  However, Kingsley is not in the film a lot, as he stays in France while the Petit gather a new crew for his stunt.  The group consists of his girlfriend Annie, a photographer, a math teacher who’s afraid of heights and more.  While the crew is full of interesting characters, the film doesn’t give them enough time to shine at all.  Also, I’m not a big fan on how the relationship between Petit and Annie ends either.  The film doesn’t really focus on their issues at all, so it’s a bit strange the film decides to end on that, even though it’s based on true story.

The film takes the full advantage of IMAX 3D, and it’s a grand experience.  It feels like your right there by Petit’s side when he’s performing the walk.  Ultimately, the film has to deal with the issue of 911 and how Twin Towers are not there anymore.  It’s still a sensitive issue and The Walk is not the type of the film to deal with that.  At the end, the film does a great job paying the respect without going to much over the incident.

The Walk 1The Walking is an amazing film.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt is full of energy, and he bring charm and determination to Philippe Petit.  The preparation process is fun and the climax is powerful with the help of IMAX 3D, you can feel the walk alongside Petit.

– The Good:

  • Powerful film.
  • Petit is great.
  • The walk.

– The Bad:

  • Not enough Kingsley.
  • The crew is downplayed.
  • Petit and Annie’s story is unnecessary.

– Overall Score: 8.8/10