10 Things I Noticed From DC January 2016 Solicitations

Happy New Year!!

1. New Series:

LEGEND_WW_1A lot of ongoing/mini series are starting this month.  Green Lantern Corps: Edge of Oblivion and Swamp Thing ongoing series start this month, and The Legend of Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death and Suicide Squad Most Wanted: Deadshot/Katana mini series are starting this month as well.

It’s common for DC to run multiple Green Lanterns title at once, and with Green Lantern: The Last Army ended last month, I’m not surprise a new Green Lantern is launched.  It’s great that DC decides to give Swamp Thing another chance too.  THe previous Swamp Thing is great and I’m pretty sure this one will be great too.  It’s written by Swamp Thing’s creator Len Wein after all.

Both The Legend of Wonder Woman and Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death look really interesting.  I’m not so sure about the Suicide Squad mini series though.  It feels like DC is trying to promote the upcoming Suicide Squad film with this questionable promotion.

2. Joker’s Daughter in Red Hood/Arsenal:


Well, it appears that Joker’s Daughter will be joining Red Hood/Arsenal #8.

For some magical reason, the boys think it will be a good idea to recruit the crazed for their rent-a-hero company, and knowing how things are usually with JD, things are not going to go as planned.

3. The Jokers:

WEAREROBIN_8The newest issue of We Are Robin is going to re-introduce the concept of Jokers.

First seen in Batman Beyond, Jokers is a gang who dressed up like The Joker and followed his beliefs.  A similar idea to Robin, so it’s great DC is bringing them back to in We Are Robins.  Is it possible that Joker is making a return soon?

4. Superwoman Gave Birth Already?

JUSTL_Cv48_R1Justice League #48’s solicitation mentioned “what is the terrible secret behind Superwoman’s newborn child?” indicating the baby is born already.  Time sure flies in DC Universe.

5. Batman/Superman Goes Back:

BMSM_Cv28Instead of focusing on the present day Batman (Jim Gordon) and Superman (powerless), Batman/Superman #28 will focus on the early day of their crime fighting careers.  I’ve missed the classic partnership/friendship of these two, and it’s great to the series will focus on the two again.  I might just start picking up Batman/Superman again then.

6. Superman Returns?

SM_Cv48It appears that Superman might be gaining his power back soon.  A new arc will run across Action Comics, Superman and Superman/Wonder Woman, and it will have Superman faces off Vandal Savage.

It appears that Superman will have a hard time too.  He’s desperate to return power, and in Superman/Wonder Woman he will have Diana entreating Greek Gods to return his power.  The most shocking one is in Superman #48 where he will turn to Kryptonite to restore his power.  I’m actually looking forward to Superman returning his power already, so I’m looking forward to the outcome of this event.

7. Batman/Joker Team Up:

BM_EUR_Cv4Batman: Europa #4 will have Batman and Joker working together to fight a greater foe.  I think this is good enough to show how interesting Batman: Europa will be.

8. Bat Gordon’s Past:

DTC_Cv48The solicitation for Detective Comics #48 teases a case from Jim’s past.  This is something that happened before he becomes Batman.

The past issues of Detective Comics has been dealing with Bat Gordon joining the Justice League.  Honestly, there isn’t much “detective” in that story, so I’m glad something more grounded returning in Detective Comics.  As of what kind of case it is, I have no idea, but wouldn’t it be fun to see a certain beloved son returning to his father’s life again?

9. Batman Takes Over Green Lantern:

GL48_SolicitBatman is making a cameo in Green Lantern #48, but look at that cover!  Batman might as well be a permanent addition to the series.

10. Super Best Friends:

DKTMR_Cv3Batman and Superman have been super best friends, but that’s not the case in The Dark Knight Returns Universe.  Fans already know the two don’t really get along here, and they even fight to the death once.  However, that’s about to change in the Dark Knight III: The Master Race.  Realizing he’s only human, Batman is about to request Superman’s help.  Hope everything goes right there.