The Green Inferno (Super Short) Review

Eating humans in Amazon.

The Green InfernoI have a chance to view A LOT of films in the past few months. However, I’m not a quick reviewer and they’re really piling up. No joke, I have about 10 movies queuing up and with my schedule of 1 review per week, I won’t be able to finish them until next year. Therefore, I decide to do super short reviews for some of these films. This way I get to review more films per week and still have the chance to give out details reviews for films I really care about.

The Green Inferno is disgusting, and that’s a compliment.  The film features a group of American students trapped in the Amazon jungle and encountered the cannibal tribe.  It’s a truly terrifying situation, and director Eli Roth does a wonderful job showing the blood and gore, something he has proven to be good at from his previous films.  However, the biggest problem of the film is that it takes forever to reach the point.

Yeah, it takes about a good half an hour before these kids are crash-landed in the Amazon jungle.  It’s a bit excruciating waiting for the actions to happen, but once it happens, it’s a fun ride from there.  The deaths are gory and it’s really intense waiting to see which character will bite the dust next.  Mentioning the characters, they are all actually really fun.  While the characters obviously fit into the standard category (Justine the virgin, Lars the stoner dude.. etc), it actually only makes them more interesting to care for.  It’s not really a surprise a film like this have a survivor, but the post-credit scene is a little off-putting and I have no idea what the filmmakers is planning on to do with it.

This is a good horror film.  It takes forever for the film to get to the action, but it’s a fun ride once the action started.  The characters are fun and the film is really intense.  The ending is a bit strange, but it doesn’t really affect the overall film now, does it?

– The Good:

  • Really intense.
  • Gore!
  • Fun characters.

– The Bad:

  • Really slow start.
  • Strange ending.

– Overall Score: 7.5/10