Justice League: The Darkseid War- Flash #1 Review


Justice League The Darkseid War FlashOut of all the transformation, Flash is the one I’m looking forward to see the most.  It brings back the concept of Black Racer and Death, and it’s going to impact Barry in a deep level.  Unfortunately, this issue is lackluster and it hardly has anything to do with Darkseid War at all.

A very disappointing issue, the book focuses on the internal struggle between Barry and Black Racer, and how important it is for Barry to stay as the embodiment of Death.  The story deal with a lot with the cycle of life and such, but it didn’t have anything to do with the Darkseid War at all!  Also, after seeing all the internal struggles, it’s a bit disappointed knowing Barry is not going to stay as Death for long.  Darkseid War appears to take place before the dramatic changes in DC Universe.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have Barry retires from the monthly ongoing Flash series, and have Wally West taking over instead?

Anyway, the issue is weak and it doesn’t do anything at all to the ongoing Darkseid War.  The art is solid, but it doesn’t help with the lackluster storytelling.  It doesn’t feel like a proper issue at all, but more like a backup story instead.  I was really hoping I could read a more proper Flash/Black Racer story instead.

– The Good:

  • They tried.

– The Bad:

  • Not a proper Flash/Back Racer story at all.

– Overall Score: 6/10