Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Remastered Review

The best one…. so far.

Uncharted 3 Drake's DeceptionAnd with Drake’s Deception, Nathan’s journey comes to an end.  Well, at least before the fourth game is released next year.  First released back in 2011, the third game of the franchise tells the most compelling story to date and perfects the gameplay mechanisms.  Uncharted 3 is not just a game, but an experience and a masterpiece.

Drake’s Deception focuses on the relationship between Nathan and Sully, two characters we’re already familiar with from the previous games.  It explores into the two characters’ past and an antagonist that hunts them in the present day.  Even though the game follows a similar beat as the previous games, it features a lot of unexpected situations not imaginable in previously.  While Among Thieves already has the gameplay blends perfectly into the cinematic environment, this game perfects it.  A lot of twist and turn, the game will have you guessing until the very end and have you cherish the friendship between Nate and Sully.

Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception 1The basic gameplay stays the same again, with shooting, environmental navigation and puzzle solving.  However, just like the second game, Naught Dog has once again improved the core gameplay to pretty much perfect.  There are more ways to take down enemies now, as melee is an option that’s actually reliable.  You can easily take down enemies in fun ways and it’s a really satisfying experience to change things up while fighting your way through hordes and hordes of enemies.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is an experience and it mainly comes from the gorgeous visuals and the cinematic pleasure.  The game really plays around the environment and it takes the whole game to a new level.  The part where Nathan is falling through the sky with crates is really awesome and it leads to a part where Nathan has to travel through desert suffering heat exhaustion.  These are easily my favorite part of the game for a couple reason.  First, the game really plays around with a cinematic experience and Nathan desperately trying to grab on to a parachute really has me on the edge of the seat.  Second, the desert scene is a brand new experience not previously in the franchise.  The previous games usually take place in tropical jungles, so it’s great Naughty Dog decides to change the scenery up a bit.

Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception 2Perhaps the most story-driven game out of the three, Drake’s Deception tells a perfect tale that wraps up Nathan’s adventure.  It ends where it begins, with explorer Francis Drake’s treasure being the center of the attention and it answers questions on Nathan’s heritage.  The cast is expand too, with Chloe returning as supporting role and newcomer Cutter.  At first, the game even gives a vibe of a heist film with Nathan and friend forming a team trying to uncover secrets.  However, the game quickly moves on from the heist film vibe with both Chloe and Cutter exiting the story.  It’s a bit disappointed the game didn’t feature more of these two, but the adventure is ultimately about Nathan and Sully’s relationship, so it’s understandable the game doesn’t want players to be distracted by other characters.  Regardless, the game still tells a beautiful tale about an explorer we all love and this is a perfect ending to a franchise that changes the gaming scene forever.

And then a (final) sequel is announced.

Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception 3Anyway, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is once again, a perfect sequel to the franchise.  Everything we love about the franchise is taken to a brand new level of perfection.  The remastered graphics are truly gorgeous and the story comes to a perfect conclusion.  As of now, the Uncharted franchise has come to an end.  A new game has been announced for next year, and knowing Naughty Dog’s track record, there’s nothing to worry about.  See you very soon, Nate.

– The Good:

  • Compelling story.
  • Most cinematic pleasure game yet.
  • Great experience.

– The Bad:

  • Not enough Chloe and Cutter.

– Overall Score: 9.8/10