The Walking Dead #147 Review

Out in the open.

The Walking Dead #147Things are not doing well after the massacre, and Lydia is not welcomed in Alexandria anymore.  The community want an answer, and they will get it out of Lydia one way or another.  To be on the safe side, Andrea and Carl decide to escort Lydia out of Alexandria to Hilltop.

The major part of the issue focuses on the conversation between Rick and Michonne.  The two have really come a long way, and it’s about time they reveal something deeper about each others.  Michonne admits her mistake not to be close with Ezekiel, and Rick talks more about his relationship with Andrea.  The relationship has always been a big surprise to Walking Dead fans, so I’m glad that Rick talks more about it.

Other than that, not much else happens in the issue.  Sure, the issue ends with Lydia pointing a gun at Andrea, but I doubt anything will happen out of it.  This issue really wouldn’t work with the the series long history.  The conversation is powerful enough to reveal something about the characters, but without the long history it is nothing.  Overall, this is an okay issue.  It doesn’t really push the story forward, but only a bit of character development.  One thing about Walking Dead series is once a character is developed, there’s a slight chance they might die soon.  Rick is the main character here, so is it possible that Michonne will bite the dust soon?  I guess only time will tell.

– The Good:

  • Rick and Michonne’s conversation.

– The Bad:

  • No story development.

– Overall Score: 7.2/10