Medicom MAFEX The Joker (Bank Robber Ver.)

Another look on the Joker.

21627829166_846c8c6b1e_zMedicom’s MAFEX series has released a Joker figure before based on The Dark Knight film, and now they’re releasing The Joker Bank Robber Ver., based on his appearance in the  beginning of The Dark Knight film.

Instead of wearing his signature purple outfit, the Bank Robber Ver. has Joker wearing a simple suit and comes with a duffel bag full of weapons.  The figure will even come with pistols and interchangeable hand parts.

Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight franchise is a huge success, and it features an unique and more realistic look to the Batman lore.  However, the trilogy is over now, and Warner Bros. is focusing on a different take of Batman for their upcoming DC Cinematic Universe.  It’s unknown how will the new Joker really be like either.

The figure is set to release in May for 4,800 yen.