10 Things I Noticed From DC December 2015 Solicitations

Forever Evil again, Robin War, and TMNT???

1. Forever Evil Again:

JUSTL_Cv47Darkseid War continues on Justice League #47, and it appears that the Justice League is going to turn to the Crime Syndicate for help.  It’s unknown how things has come this far, but seeing Superwoman, Owlman and Ultraman are all on the cover of #47, things are going to a very fun direction.

2. All the Cancels:

JLU_016_CvrA lot of titles are canceled in December, including Doomed, Omega Men, Lobo, Gotham By Midnight, Justice League United, Green Lantern: The Lost Army, Batman ’66 and Sensational Comics.

It’s a bit surprising to see Green Lantern: The Lost Army and Justice League United canceled.  However, the real shocker is Batman ’66 and Sensational Comics.  The digital comics are a hit, so it’s strange that DC canceled them.  Well, there’s still a hope for Batman ’66, as a new crossover comic is coming in December.  More on that later.

3. Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

BM_TMNT_Cv1Turtles teaming up with Batman in Gotham to fight the Foot Clan???  Yes, please.  Please utilize the Batman universe properly, and I want to see Batman villains and allies interacting with the Turtles please.

4. Harley Crossover Series:

HQ_Little_Black_Book_1DC is releasing a new series focusing on Harley Quinn teaming up with different characters.  DC is really turning Harley Quinn into their very own version of Deadpool.

That’s all I have to say.

5. Robin War Begins:

RobinWar1Robin Wars beings this month, and there are a lot of tie-ins!!  Other than Robin War’s very own series, the series also has Grayson #15, Detective Comics #47, We Are Robin #7, Robin: Son of Batman #7, Gotham Academy #13, Redhood/Arsenal #7, and Teen Titans #15.  It’s a massive event, and who knows what will happen on the other side.  It’s also great the Court of Owls is involved in the event as well.

6. Batman ’66 Meets:


We mentioned Batman ’66 is coming to an end in December, but at the same time, a new crossover series is announced.

Batman ’66 will be crossovered with The Man From U.N.C.L.E. during December.  It’s a strange crossover, but it’s easy to guess it’s due to the recent film adaptation.

Hopefully we will see for Batman ’66 crossovers in the future.

7. Catwoman Returns:


New creative team Frank Tieri and Inaki Miranda will bring Selina Kyle back to her old thieving ways.  It feels like only recently when Catwoman becomes the kingpin of criminal underworld, so it’s strange to see Catwoman back to her old ways.  Hey, I guess it’s only nature to see Catwoman as a thief.

8. Double Dose of Europa:

BM_EUR_Cv2We are getting two Batman: Europa in December!  It’s almost like a Christmas miracle!

9. The Donna Troy We Trust?

TNHUNT_Cv3Titans Hunt hasn’t even started yet, and I’m already interested with the concept.  The former Teen Titans members are starting to remember a past they didn’t have and Donna Troy is in the midst of the chaos.  Ever since her introduction to the New 52, fans have been complaining this is not the same Donna Troy as the one we’ve known from before.  Hopefully this will change that once and for all.

10. Annuals:

SMWWANN_Cv2There will be two Superman related annuals in December: Superman annual #3 and Superman/Wonder Woman annual #2.  They will be released on December 30th, so they will be the last DC Comics we will see in 2015.  See you in 2016, DC Comics!