Until Dawn: How to Save Everyone

They All Live.

Until DawnUntil Dawn is a fun and unique game.  The decisions you made throughout gameplay will determine who survived the game, and who is killed during the process.  The game can either end with all 8 teenagers surviving the night, or no one survive the night at all.

The key of the game is, of course, to have all 8 teenagers surviving the night.  Unless you are’re talking about Emily, then who cares.  She’s the worst!

Alright, all kidding aside, here’s what you have to do to keep all 8 teenagers alive throughout the game, including Emily, to get the “They All Live” Trophy.  If you want to get the “This is THE End” Trophy, just to the complete opposite of what I’m listing below.

And of course, there will be plenty of SPOILERS below.  Be careful as you read:


Sam Until DawnSam is a fairy easy one.  She will not die not matter how bad you screwed up until the final chapter.  During the final chapter, make sure you got all the QTEs, don’t move when the Wendigo is around and you will be fine.  Also, don’t go to excited and flip the switch too early, or you will accidentally kill anyone who still has not escape the house yet.


Mike Until DawnMike is pretty easy too.  Once again, he will not die no matter who much you screwed up until the final chapter.  During the final chapter, make sure Sam choose the option to save Mike.  Simple.


Ashley Until DawnAshley is somewhat easy.  Don’t have her investigating the strange noise during chapter nine, or if she did go investigate and separates from the group, don’t open the hatch and she has the option to reunite with the group again.  Other than that, make sure Sam saves everyone during the final chapter and she will survive.


Chris Until DawnThings starting to get a bit complicated with Chris.  First off, make sure when Chris has to choose between shooting himself or Ashley, he choose to shoot himself.  The bullet turns out to be a blank, but Ashley will hold grudges toward Chris for trying to shoot her.  It will end up hurting Chris horribly in chapter 8.

During chapter 8, Chris will have to fight off Wendigo.  Make sure you hit all the QTEs right.  Afterwards, Chris will make a run for the cabin, and if you didn’t shoot Ashley before, she will open the door and let you in.  If you did shoot Ashley, well, this is game over for Chris.

Emily (ugh):

Emily Unil Dawn

Despite how we all feel about Emily, we still need her to survive to get the trophy.  Make sure you get all her QTEs right during her adventure in the mines.  And, of course, don’t have Mike shooting when suspecting she might be a Wendigo.  Other than that, the same thing with Sam and Emily will make it out alive 🙁


Matt Until DawnMake sure Matt doesn’t attack the deer when being confronted.  Later in the same chapter, simply jumps off the platform and don’t save Emily.

When it’s time to play as Matt again, make sure you get all the QTEs right, and hide from the Wendigo when necessary.


Jessica Until DawnEasily the trickiest character to survive the night, I was extremely lucky during my first gameplay to have Jessica survived the night without any help, cheat or game reset.

When she was first kidnapped, make sure Mike uses the short-cut option to get to Jessica.  It takes too long for Mike to get to Jessica in the safe options, and you cannot miss the QTEs either.  If so, Jessica will be dead by the time you reach her.

Don’t worry if you reach Jessica and she’s covered in blood with the elevator drops.  It only means you’ve done this portion of the game right.

Jessica will appear again in chapter 9.  Make sure to have her hide rather than run when the option is given, and she will survive the night.


Josh Until DawnTo save Josh, all you have to do is find the “The Twins” clues in the mines as Sam.  She will then tell Josh a crucial element about his sister, and he will recognize the tattoo from his sister, saving himself just in time.

The thing is, it’s hard to say if him surviving the night is a good thing or not.  It’s important if you want to get the “They All Live” trophy, but I think Josh is better off dead.

That’s it folks.  Hope you find the guide here helpful.