Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “Dinosaur Seen in Sewers” Review

Triceratons are here!

TMNT Dinosaurs seen in sewersA great episode, “Dinosaur seen in Sewers” features the Triceratons for the first time.  Fans who are not familiar with the comic series don’t know who the Triceratons are, but they’re an important part of the TMNT lore.  It’s always great to see the show bringing different characters from different TMNT media into the show, and it’s better when a new backstory is introduced.

The episode begins with the Turtles watching the final episode of Crognard.  It seems to always been the case for the Turtles, that they finish their current show when the season is coming to a close.  And true enough, this is the penultimate before the season finale, and a new villain in the form of Zog the Triceraton is introduced.  The new villains are sure going to shake up the dynamics we’re already familiarized in the show.

Plus, with the end of Crognard, I’m curious to see what parody cartoon the Turtles are going to watch next.

Anyway, the introduction of Triceratons is great!  It begins as another mutation of the week, and it’s even better the show decides to add the Mighty Mutanimals into the mix.  It’s great to see them again after such a long time, but sadly, they’re sidelined soon after Zog’s true identity is revealed, and not seen again for the rest of the episode.  I know the main focus of the episode is the dinosaur in the sewers, but it’s a big disappointment not seeing the Turtles and Mutanimals not working together to fight Zog, especially seeing how strong he is.  Maybe we will see them working together in the season finale, when a whole army of Triceratons are invading the Earth.

That said, Zog is really, really overpowered!  He easily takes down all the Kraang, as well as all the Biotroids.  The overpowered alien has me worried, and the invasion is going to be truly terrifying.  I don’t want to make assumptions right now, but maybe everyone on Earth has to work together to fight off these dinosaur men?  Shredder, Turtles, and even Kraang all end up working together?  That’s the day I didn’t see coming.

Zog seems to be an interesting character, but it’s sad that this appears to be the end of him.  Hopefully that’s not the case, and we get to see him again soon.  However, seeing how loyal he is to his people, we can probably expect the same “stubbornness” from the other Triceratons.  I can’t wait to see the full-force attack in the season finale.

– The Good:

  • Zog the Triceraton! 
  • Great actions.
  • Crognard series finale.

– The Bad:

  • Not enough Mutanimals .

– Overall Score: 8.5/10