The Walking Dead #146 Review

A Breaking Point Reached.

The Walking Dead #146Still struggling from the lost in #144, this issue opens up with a few silent pages, indicating Rick already told the community the tragic event.  The few silent panels are powerful, and it shows the responses I expected from the communities.  Now the question is, how the communities should react?  And is Rick doing the right thing here?

The obvious highlight of the issue is one already spoiled by the cover, Rick vs. Maggie.  After seeing what Maggie did to Gregory, I’m not surprise a more blood lust Maggie compares to Rick.  It’s a brutal moment here, and it clearly shows that Rick is no longer the way he used to, and he’s slowly losing grips on the communities.  It’s hard to say who’s right here, but it’s really sad to see the friendship these survivors bounded over the years is so easy to crack.

The ending… First of all, I’m glad Eugene is doing a lot better than I expected.  I don’t think I need another reminder how sad it is to see Rosita is dead.  Also, what exactly is Eugene trying to do?  I don’t think any kind of sudden move is the right thing to do here, as you never know what the Whispers are going to do next.  This issue might be a bit slow, but it shows clear crack in Rick’s leadership, and there’s no going back for these survivors.

– The Good:

  • Rick vs Maggie.
  • Powerful silent opening.

– The Bad:

  • A bit slow.

– Overall Score: 8.2/10