Rick and Morty “Get Schwifty” Review

A catchy tune!

Rick and Morty Get Schwifty“Get Schwifty” is a bit slow.  The show is at its best when introducing wacky characters and elements.  However, it’s not the best when those wackiness are combined with actually emotional weight.  This is one of those, and sadly, it doesn’t work out very well.

The episode begins with a strange giant head appearing out of the thin air, demanding the best music from the planet.  It’s up to Rick and Morty to make the catchiest song ever to save the planet.  Meanwhile, the remaining earthlings are in panic and decides to start a cult following the giant head.

It’s fun to see Rick and Morty coming up with a catchy tune, as Get Schwifty is really one of the funniest song I’ve heard so far.  However, the show decides to have the two focus on creating another hit, which I have no idea why, as the first song is already good enough.  Later, the show swifts focus and has Morty on a distant planet where Birdman lives.  It’s good to see him again, but I feel the character is a bit underplayed here.  Perhaps the episode would be better without the emotional weight.

While the story might not come together, the supporting characters are really great.  Ice-T’s appearance is great, and his backstory is random, but in a really, really good way.  It turns out, Ice-T is an alien-being that wanders the galaxy to never care about anything.  The post-credit scene is the best too, as now I’m looking forward to see the war against the Numbericons.  The only disappointment here is Ice-T wasn’t voice by the man himself.

This might also be the first time that side-story is more interesting than the main plot.  Summer’s obsession for the cult really brings out a different side of her, and it also makes the parents seem like good ones for once too.  It’s really good to see them willing to sacrifice a good life for their daughter.  It’s nice to have a change for once.

Overall, “Get Schwifty” is a bit slow for the show’s standard.  However, the new song is catchy, and the side-plot is wonderful.  Ice-T’s story is great, and I only hope the character is actually voiced by the man himself.

– The Good:

  • Ice-T’s story.
  • Sub-plot.
  • Get Schwifty.

– The Bad:

  • Slow episode.

– Overall Score: 7.8/10