The Walking Dead #145 Review

Time to face the truth.

The Walking Dead #145It’s been a month since last issue’s mass murdering, and I’m still not quite over it yet.  The issue further explores the aftermath of the tragedy, and what’s supposed to happen next is hard to decide.

The first few pages of the issue is really powerful.  Not a lot is said, as our main characters are forced to deal with the deaths, and deal with each others.  Rick’s decision is not attacking the Whispers for what they’ve done, but like Michonne suggested, if either Andrea or Carl’s heads are on the pike, would Rick be holding back retaliations?  Then again, the Whispers have a horde the size of a continent, anyone rational should think twice before attacking.

I’m glad the issue ends with Rick telling everyone about what happened, and I hope the next issue skips that as well.  I don’t want to read that part, and I just want to see the results.  There are going to be arguments, with majority of them wanting to fight back.  If anything, I’m on Rick’s side.  Yeah, the mass murdering is a true tragedy, but so far, it’s a “fair” warning.  Our communities should really stay away from these savages, and just forget about the whole thing and move on before things get worst, and things can only get worst.  But yeah, I know this is impossible.  Maggie has been showing signs that she’s hungry for blood, and she’s most likely going to be the one that’s going to march a whole army to the Whispers.

This issue might not be as exciting as last issue, but it serves as a great epilogue of the event, and also a great prologue for everything to come.  Walking Dead will never be the same after this.