The Walking Dead #144 Review

The Walking Dead #144

What am I supposed to say about this issue?

It’s really fu*k up is all I have to say.

It’s been a while since The Walking Dead comic has done something so drastic, so shocking and so brutal, I almost forgot how it is like to see character deaths in this kind of caliber.  The worst part of the shocking deaths is that these characters are all killed off-screen, and we didn’t get to see their final moments at all.  All of the deceased are named characters, but some of them are almost main character status or long time characters such as Olivia, Rosita or Ezekiel.  I would expect these three to have at least a more respectable death.  Well, maybe not Olivia, because she screwed up way too much, but definitely Rosita or Ezekiel.  While Ezekiel has become a recent fan favorite due to the fact that he’s a cool swordsman and he had a tiger, Rosita has been with Rick’s group since forever ago.  And oh my god, Eugene.  How is he going to react with Rosita’s sudden death?  Isn’t she pregnant too?  It’s too much to see some of these characters killed off screen like this, and I’m actually having a hard time coping with it.

Despite what Rick said, It makes perfect sense Alpha would kill those people.  In her eyes, it’s Rick’s people that started the whole thing by trespassing her territory and killing her people.  What doesn’t make sense is her giving up her daughter to Rick’s group.  I have no idea what her intention is there.  Now Alpha has established herself to be the most gruesome and ruthless killer in the entire Walking Dead history, what’s she going to do next?  She set her rules, and revenge her comrades, there shouldn’t be any reason for her to kill again, unless our main characters retaliate.  And of course our main characters are going to retaliate.

So what should our main characters do next?  I actually have no idea, but I can speculate what might happen from here.  The communities are going to break apart, mainly blaming Rick for setting up the fair and put everyone together for easy picking.  While Rick tries to convince others it’s not a good idea to attack Alpha’s people due to the massive horde, others are not going to listen especially Maggie.  Maggie has been shown to be more brutal in the recent issues, I can see her going against Rick, lead a group to Alpha’s, and the horde is released with everything destroyed in its way.  This is definitely not going to end well for Rick’s people.

The writing helps me a bit, but I’m still not over with the sudden gruesome deaths.  I definitely need next issue to help me get over it.