Nintendo 64 and Nintendo DS Games Are Coming to Wii U Virtual Console


Vitural ConsoleStarting today, Nintendo is finally bringing Nintendo 64 and Nintendo DS titles to Wii U Virtual Console.

Super Mario 64 and Yoshi’s Island DS are the two titles to be available starting today, both will cost $9.99.  Here’re the other games coming out later this week:

WarioWare Touched – April 9, $9.99
Yoshi Touch N’ Go – April 9, $9.99
Donkey Kong 64 – April 16, $9.99
Mario Kart DS – April 23, $9.99
Paper Mario – April 30, $9.99

If you already have some Nintendo 64 titles on Wii Virtual Console, you can repurchase the game for $2.

Here’re the control options of the Virtual Consoles- Nintendo DS games can be played on either GamePad as the lower screen, or with both screens shown on the GamePad, with the option to be held on the side.  Nintendo 64 buttons ca be reassigned on the GamePad, so players can find what layout is most comfortable.