Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles “Casey Jones Vs. The Underworld

Casey’s time to shine!

tmnt-casey-jones-vs-the-underworld-imgIt’s true.  Casey has been really sidelined for the past episodes, so it’s great we finally get an episode about him.  “Casey Jones Vs. The Underworld” not only gives Casey a chance to shine, it also allows us to see the aftermath of Battle for New York, a nice change of things.

The episode begins with Casey trying to take down Purple Dragons, some of the weakest villains in the series.  However, the Purples Dragons has a new leader, Hun, and he’s not to be messed with easily.  Hun is an old villain from 2003’s animated series, and he’s new design here is pretty cool with a Bruce Lee’s touch.  The idea here is that Hun’s supposed to be Casey’s rival, but the character hardly stand out as his debut is shadowed by Shredder’s plan.  I still have hope for the character, and hopefully he will stand out more than just Asian with Kung-Fu gimmick.

For some reason, a Casey centric episode only makes him a bit more annoying.  The guy desperately tries to prove himself, and keeps on putting himself in dangerous situation he cannot get out of.  To be fair, he does manage to get a few hits on Shredder before he was defeated, but having him insisting on fighting someone way out of his league?  That’s just annoying.  We’re in the third season of the show already, shouldn’t the characters know their strength already?

Mikey’s cheesy puff snack is a big Deus ex machina, and it really bothers me.  I know the show is meant for children, but are we really supposed to believe there’s a random company making radioactive snacks out there, and no one says anything about it?  Also, the Turtles never have such a snake until now?  What a cheap way to solve current problems, show!

The revelation of Shredder’s plan is a shocking one.  Here I am thinking he’s trying to cure Karai’s mutation, it  turns out he just wants to use it for his own gain.  The new domination will allow Shredder control ever single person in the entire city, and it’s highly possible we’re going to have another total takeover of New York City.

Overall, “Casey Jones Vs. The Underworld” is a good episode.  It gives Casey some attention, and reveals what the bad guys’ plan is next.  Casey’s actions might be a bit annoying here and there, but he redeems himself at the end anyway.  Hun’s introduction is a bit underplayed, but I still have high hopes for the character.