Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation Review

Duel on the go!

yugioh duel generationI’ve been a big fan of Yu-Gi-Oh since it first debut in Japan back in the late 90s, so you can imagine my excitement when it finally becomes an app game.  The game plays like the ones we’ve been getting on handhelds and consoles, with a sleeker design of an app game.  However, the similarity with previous games can be the downfall of this game, and being an app means the game has plenty of micro-transition “traps” regularly seen in this kind of “free” game.

The game is straight forward.  Player begins with a deck provided by the game, then duels with either CPU players, or other players online.  The game features a massive selection of CPU players, and they’re characters from the original anime series all the way to Zexal series.  With that many characters, the game still manages to do a wonderful job making their decks unique to each others, and capturing the styles and themes these characters have from the anime.  I especially love to duel against opponents from the classic series such as Kaiba and Joey, and it’s especially satisfying defeating powerful enemies like Yugi.

2517343-2676210368-02754The actual gaming process is simple.  The command is straight to the point, and the game makes it easy to understand where everything is.  That said, the game is not necessary friendly for newcomers, and it would be a lot easier if you have prior knowledge of how a Yu-Gi-Oh video game is.

By the way, can someone come up with a way to speed up cards that can be activated anytime?  I always hate to set down cards such as Call of the Haunted or Compulsory Evacuation Device, as these type of cards can be activated at anytime, and the game will constantly ask you about the activation.  This is the nature of the game, but I just hope someone can come up with an idea to fast-pace the progress.

Defeating enemies will earn you signature cards from said opponent, and you will receive additional coins as well.  You can purchase booster packs after collecting certain amount of coins, but the game doesn’t separate different cards in different packs, meaning every time you open a pack, you will receive 5 cards out of the massive library of cards the game possesses.  It’s basically impossible to get the cards you want.

unnamedThis brings me to the biggest problem I have with the game.  Just like all the previous Yu-Gi-Oh video games, the game gives you a hardly playable deck that pretty much requires to purchase additional cards to further enhanced it.  With the problem stated above how it’s pretty much impossible to acquire good cards through normal methods, the only thing left is micro-transitions.  Not gonna lie, the game offers some pretty good premium contents with fair prices, but it’s still not right the game “requires” you to pay real money for contents to finish the game.

The game also suffers problems with a slow initial start-up.  The server has some serious problem, and it takes forever to enter the game.  Even though the rest of the game doesn’t have the same problem anymore, the slow start-up can easily turn me down from playing, thus having me not willing to play the game from time to time.

unnamed (1)Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation captures the essence of the game, and provides us great opponents that respect the original sources.  It’s a shame the game technically requires you to purchase premium content to finish it, but it is still fun regardless.  I really enjoy dueling against all the anime characters, and trying out different strategy against them.  There are still some problems here and there, but seeing this is an app game, that can be easily fixed with future updates and patches.


2 Replies to “Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generation Review”

  1. Biggest issues for me are the awkward deck editing; no indication of which cards in your trunk are in your deck, and new cards just get mixed in so you have to go through ALL your cards to find them. I’d hoped the deck handling would be superior to the DS game I used to play but it’s weaker. Konami, get a junk trunk in there to ditch cards not in use of unwanted. And the other issue is the constant nagging to activate cards at every step; other versions of the game including ygpro handle it much better.

    • Yeah, the deck building process can be a pain. I’ve always wondering why official games from Konami can’t give us all the cards like ygopro from the beginning. I’ve always hate the cards given early in the game. And yeah, the nagging for activation is annoying too. You try the new game on Xbox one and ps4 yet?