S.H. Figuarts NO MORE Movie Thief Patrol Lamp Man Review

Japanese anti-piracy mascots pt. 2.

Today I’m going to review the second half of the Japanese anti movie piracy mascot- Patrol Lamp Man.

To find out who Patrol Lamp Man and his rival Camera Man are, you can read the first review here.

20141027_180340Both figures share similar and simple box design.

20141027_180355The back of the box shows all the possible ways to pose the figures.  However, it seems to suggest us to buy more than one of the same figure.  I’m not falling for that, Bandai!

20141027_180444The instruction paper.  Just like Camera Man before it, this figure doesn’t come with any accessories at all, but a few spare hand parts.

20141027_180454The box comes with a sticker too, and it’s different than the Camera Man one.

20141027_180554Ta-da!  Patrol Lamp Man himself!

20141027_180640The figure comes with a smooth paint finished, and the lamp on the head glares beautifully too.

20141027_180651The only disappointment is the lamp doesn’t shine, but hey, you can’t really expect too much for a $36.99 figure I guess.

20141027_180755The figure poses easily, so for the first time, I actually don’t mind placing my figure in multiple positions.

20141027_180841Since I have both Camera Man and Patrol Lamp Man now, Let’s put them together in some picture story time.

Camera Man is pirating movie in the theater…
Patrol Lamp Man spotted him!
Patrol Lamp Man is on the pursue!
“Got you, criminal!”
“Justice prevails!”

This marks the end of this review.  Overall, Patrol Lamp Man is a very similar figure to its rival, and the only major different is the head in the most obvious way.  I still feel Bandai missed an opportunity to have the lamp lights up, but I really shouldn’t complain about it.  It’s not like I expect Camera Man’s camera head to actually record anything.

Let’s give the figure .1 point less than the Camera Man then.