Good News! S.H. Figuarts Dragonball Kai Son Gohan Reissued!

Be patient, and don’t fall for expensive out of print ones on ebay!  

Good news to all the Dragonball S.H. Figuarts fans out there who missed their chance first time around- Bandai is re-releasing the Son Gohan figure!

The re-release Son Gohan figure will be exactly the same as the original one with interchangeable parts and cape.   The figure is exactly the same as before, but it really is a great opportunity for those who missed the figure first time around.

It’s nice that Bandai’s Dragonball S.H. Figuarts series is growing bigger and bigger.  Other than the recently announced Vegito and Android 16, I would really like to see Bandai releasing Super Buu, Gotenks and maybe even Yumcha, so I can break it into pieces myself.  I hate Yumcha.

The figure is set to release in April 2015 for 3,456 yen.








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