S.H. Figuarts NO MORE Movie Thief Camera Man Review

Japanese anti-piracy mascots pt. 1.

Today I’m going to review Camera Man of Japanese anti-piracy mascots.

Camera Man (left) and Patrol Lamp Man (right).

Like the title suggested, NO MORE Movie Thief is a series of Japan’s anti-piracy ads that air in theaters before the movie starts along the trailers.  The ads usually have Camera Man filming a movie in the theater, and Patrol Lamp Man trying to arrest him.  The ads are great and funny, and they quickly become some sort of sensation.  You can check out the video below for more info:

Anyway, today I’m going to review Camera Man of NO MORE Movie Thief, and I will review Patrol Lamp Man next week.



The back of the box shows all the possible ways to pose the figures.

20141027_175418Everything that comes with the box.  The figure doesn’t come with any accessories, but a few hand parts.

20141027_175431The instruction paper.  It simply shows the hands you can exchange with and the camera head can be flipped open.

20141027_175447The box also comes with a NO MORE Movie Thief sticker.

20141027_175501The back of the sticker also shows the places you can put the sticker.  I really love the Japanese style humor here.

20141027_175608Ta-da!  The figure itself!

20141027_175659The camera head is detailed, and you can see all the buttons and dials found on a regular camcorder.

20141027_175713The back of the head with the hatch open.  It’s really cool the camcorder’s hatch can be opened, and there’s a screen inside it too.

20141027_175724The other side with more buttons and dials.

20141027_175731Here are some more shots of the figure:

20141027_180113 20141027_180132 20141027_180142 20141027_180154The figure is a simple one for S.H. Figuarts.  It doesn’t come with a lot of accessories, but it still captures the essence of a S.H. Figuarts figure- the freedom to pose it anyway you want, and the vast amount of articulation points.  I really like the figure, and the simpleness only makes the figure more approachable.  However, for such a simple figure, the price is not very simple at all.  Being $36.99, the figure is only a few bucks shy from most S.H. Figuarts.  The amount of things come with it makes the price not worth it at all, unless you’re a big fan of this obscure Japanese mascot.


Stay tuned for Portal Lamp Man next week.


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