S.H. Figuarts Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Blue Ranger Review

Go Go Power Rangers!

Alright, folks.  Today I’m going to review S.H. Figuarts Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Blue Ranger figure!

20141027_163847Mighty Morphin Power Ranger is the first incarnation of Power Ranger franchise, and definitely the best Power Rangers ever, even more than 20 years later.  It’s awesome that Bandai decides to celebrate the 20th anniversary by releasing all the members.

20141027_163858Blue Ranger’s real name is Billy Cranston, and he’s the brain of Power Rangers.  Very good with gadgets, Billy even invented the first communication device worn by the team members.

By the way, Billy’s last name Cranston is actually based on Bryan Cranston!  Heisenberg himself voice some monsters on the show before.


A look at what’s in the box!

20141027_164014The instruction paper.  Again, for you who’ve been reading my blog, you know this means nothing to me.

20141027_164115Ta-da!  The figure itself!

20141027_164345Looking through the hand and found these two.  Can’t really tell what’s the difference.

20141027_164428All the spare weapons for Billy and the other Rangers.  The main purpose for these is for you to form the Power Blaster.

20141027_164601This is how I want to pose my Billy, with him holding the Power Lance.  Separately.

20141027_164630 20141027_164653 20141027_164711I think it’s not surprise that Bandai’s S.H. Figuarts series is just superb (unless you’re dealing with this one).  The articulation is great, and the paint job is awesome.  I especially love this Power Ranger series, as the figures have a special coating finish to make them smoother than other S.H. Figuarts series.

20141027_165004 20141027_165135All the Rangers are here.  Only Yellow Ranger left now.