Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Rahzar Action Figure Review

Dogpound’s mutation form!

Today I’m going to review a very modest figure with a very modest price- Playmates Toy’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Rahzar action figure.

20141027_161054This figure is kind of different from the ones I usually review.  The target audience for this figure is obviously children, so we can expect some cheap paintings that can withstand harsh plays from children, and probably not a lot of poseable joints either.

20141027_161124The back of the package.  It shows all the other action figures children can bother their parents to buy for them.  Personally, I’m still missing Slash.

20141027_161203The character bio.  Basically, Rahzar is Dogpound’s second mutation form, and the show’s take on classic villain Rahzar from Secret of the Ooze live action film from 1991.

20141027_161259Ta-da!  The figure itself.

But wait, what is this…?

20141027_161308The figure, for some bizarre reason, comes with a giant spared hand.  Why is this?  Last time I watch the cartoon series, Rahzar doesn’t have any spared hand.  Silly figure.

20141027_161605Man, Rahzar is such a badass character.

20141027_161618It turns out, the spared hand is to be put into a tiny slot in Rahzar’s right hand to create a gameplay effect that has the hand shoots out.  Again, I didn’t remember Rahzar able to do that.

Anyway, check out the next few images to get an idea:

20141027_161624 20141027_161635 20141027_161726

20141027_161747The rib cage on the figure looks menacing.

20141027_161809 20141027_161838The figure is actually really decent for the cheap price.  It has decent poseable points, and the paint job is great too.  Not to mention it captures the character’s likeliness perfectly, and it has a real menacing look too.

20141027_162514Overall, the figure is really great.  The extra hand is a head scratcher, but it’s fun to play around with it regardless.  Since they’re all from the same line, the figure definitely looks great next to other action figures.