SDCC 2014 The Walking Dead Ezekiel Figure Review

The other 2014 SDCC exclusive I got.

I know it’s been a while already, but I just found out I have another SDCC 2014 exclusive, and I want to review it.

This is The Walking Dead Ezekiel exclusive figure.

20141027_155737Ezekiel is a new character introduced in comic’s All Out War arc.  He’s the leader of the Kingdom, and other than his awesome dreadlocks, this guy is a total badass because he has a tiger.  Yep, this motherfu*%er has a tiger.  Ezekiel used to be a zookeeper before everything goes down, and there’s a tiger named Shiva that’s really close to him.  He has total control over the tiger, and she’s really loyal to him too.

20141027_155750The back of the package promotes the comics.  You read them all yet?

20141027_155923The plastic is SEALED into the paper card.  Seriously, I cannot open it with my hand, and require scissors.  I promise you I’m not weak, the package is too strong.

20141027_155954Ta-da!  The figure and sword-cane.

20141027_160228The figure itself.  It’s a really great figure with great details and paint jobs.  Right off, I notice it’s not a good idea to put the sword into the cane.  The cane is really tight, and putting the blade in might have it stuck, and resulting breaking it when pulling it out.  I tried and it’s stuck, but I was lucky enough to pull it out without breaking it.  Don’t put the blade into the cane.

Other than the small problem, the figure is great!  There’s not much I can say about it, but to show you the following awesome detail pictures:

20141027_160243 20141027_160253 20141027_160315The blade has a great glare effect too!

20141027_160325 20141027_160406So this is the exclusive Ezekiel figure.  It’s a simple figure, and I’m amazed something so simple can capture all the liveliness of the character.  The details and paint jobs, like I said before, are really superb.  The only problem with the figure is the sword-cane , but it’s not enough to harm the figure overall.

Here’s a image of Ezekiel and the TV version Michonne.  The two look great together!