S.H. Figuarts Sadako Yamamura Review

In 7 days… I will review another toy.

It’s been a while since I last reviewed a toy, and I decide to give the S.H. Figuarts Sadako Yamamura figure a try.  Perfect for the Halloween season, huh?


If you don’t know already, Sadako Yamamura is the ghost from the popular Japanese horror movie- The Ring.  The character was very popular during the early 2000s, and Japan just recently brought the franchise back with new movies, so it’s not a surprise Bandai released figure based on the character.

Nay, I’m kidding.  It’s a big surprise.  I’m super psyched to see the figure.

20140811_163948The back of the box shows all the possible and suggested display for the figure.  Bandai does a wonderful job designing the box this time.  Just look how scary it is.

20140811_163954 20140811_164037Ta-da!  Everything that comes with the box.  There’s the figure itself, couple of different hairstyles, hands, skirt, television set and the infamous cursed video tape.

20140811_164043The instruction paper for the toy.  It details all the possible poses for the figure.  However, if you’ve been a fan for the site, you would know that this doesn’t mean anything to me, as I’m always too lazy to have my figures in various poses.

Yeah, I’m the worst kind of collector.

20140811_164124Here’s the figure itself.  As you can see, there are blood on her fingers.  Sadako was pushed down a well in the original movie, and the blood on her fingers mean that she wasn’t dead initially, and tries to climb out.

20140811_164206An old style television.  Again, if you don’t know anything about the movie, Sadako cursed a video tape, and everyone who watches it will die 7 days later.  She will crawl out of a television with an image of the well in it, and kills her victims.

And if you’re a younger reader…

20140811_164213… this is a video tape.  This is what we watch videos out of before DVD, Blu-ray or even YouTube.

Alright, enough teasing.  It’s cool the figure comes with so many great accessories, as they’re all important part of The Ring mythos.



The back of the television set is empty.  It makes the whole thing light and flimsy.  It creates some problems, as the television set can be knock over easily.  More on that later.

There’s another big problem too…

20140811_164322Hahahahahaha!  What the heck is this?  The figure looks sooooo scary when only an eye is peaking out of the hair, but the whole face looks so dumb!  It’s such a disappointment here.


This is the pose I want my figure to be in.  Sadako half-way through crawling out of the TV.  However, this is where the light-weight TV becomes a problem, as Sadako’s weight will sometime tilt the TV.

20140811_164940Also, knowing the figure can be posed this way is one of the main reason I got it.  I was hoping Bandai will use the magnetic technique it uses on Doraemon S.H. Figuarts figure for connecting her body with the TV, but it wasn’t the case here:


The TV comes with a separate frame that allows you to plug half of Sadako’s body to it.  Yep, you literally has to pull the figure apart, and it looks silly from the back.

20140811_165116Overall, the figure is kind of a let down I’m not gonna lie.  The figure comes with the standard S.H. Figuarts articulations, and the paint jobs are great.  I didn’t take detail pictures here, but the blood on her figures are creepily awesome.  The figure still gives out a creepy vibe, but if you view it from the back, you can see how stupid it looks.  Also, Sadako’s face without hair is a nightmare, and not the kind you’re thinking.

The failure kind.


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