The Sims 4 Will Bring Back Ghosts and Other Goodies

For free!

wicdfmwaogye4ivyw2u7EA Games has announced that starting today, ghosts will be returning to The Sims 4!!  A great and classic element to the game removed in the core Sims 4 game.  In addition, next month we will be getting swimming pools, and in December there will be new careers for the Sims.  Best off, the new additions are all going to be free!

Other than the free additions mentioned above, EA is also adding Star Wars-themed costumes for the Halloween season, and several new eye colors for Sims today as well.  Player can get the new additions simply by downloading the latest patch for the game.  As of now, EA didn’t give exact day for the other two downloads, or what kind of careers Sims will get in December.

Also, no news on Sims 4 getting toddler just yet.


Here’s a video on ghosts in The Sims 4:

From the video, it seems the ghosts have more traits than the previous games, and Sims died by flames will watch to set things on fire in the afterlife.  Sims died due to a particular emotion will radiate that emotion to the living Sims around them.  Other sources also states that ghosts can be fully playable by inviting into the households, and have relationships, careers and more.