DC Collectibles New 52 Earth 2 Batman Review

Badass Batman from Earth 2.

Today I’m going to review DC Collectibles’ New 52 Earth 2 Batman action figure.


As you can see from the image above already, this Batman is very different than the one on our Prime Earth.  He is more jacked and menacing looking.  For some reason I’m not telling you here, this Batman’s eyes are red as well.


The other Earth 2 figures.  Personally, I can’t wait to get Earth 2 Flash and Earth 2 Green Lantern.




This version of Batman is really badass in the comic series, and the action figure captures it wonderfully.  He brings more fear than our regular Batman.


This figure also comes with a special Batarang.  This red Batarang is different than the black one Batman usually has, and look…


The Batarang comes with a joint to move the Batarang bigger or smaller.  It’s unknown what the real purpose of this is, but it does make the Batarang cooler.

20140811_153824 20140811_153834

The inside and the outside of the cape features two different colors, and different textures as well.  The outside of the cape feels smoother, while the inside feel more fabric like.  It’s a really nice touch.


The Bat on this Batman’s chest is fatter, like the one from The Dark Knight Returns.  Perhaps this is a hint of this certain Batman’s age…?

20140811_153905 20140811_153927

Pretty decent paint job.  Hardly went out of the line at all.



Prime Earth Batman, Earth 2 Batman and Earth 3 Owlman.

This is a really good figure, and very unique from the other versions of Batman.  The cape and the additional Batarang is the highlight of the figure, and it really makes the figure stands out compare to the others.