DC Collectibles New 52 Superboy Review

Superman’s clone… right?

Today we’re going to review DC Collectibles’ New 52 Superboy action figure.


The thing is, I’m very confused with this Superboy’s origin.  I think it’s strongly suggested this Superboy is Superman and Lois Lane’s kid from alternate future or something, or even clone of that kid or something.  I don’t know, stupid Scott Lobdell.


Still need to collect Kid Flash and Wonder Girl.

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Regardless the bizarre origins, this Superboy actually seems pretty nice and I’m digging the outfit.

Hey there, good looking!

20140811_151639 20140811_151749

Also, this version of Superboy doesn’t really have enhanced  strength and flight like the original Superboy.  In fact, he actually has telekinesis that helps him fly and creates the illusion of super strength.


Father ans son, or whatever I don’t really know.

Alright, alright.  I know the review hasn’t talk about the actual figure at all, but I just can’t help it and complain how bad Superboy’s New 52 incarnation is.  The figure itself is great.  It’s one of the best sculpted figure produced by DC Collectibles.  The paintings, especially the red dots, are wonderfully done as well.  Overall, the figure is actually really high quality compares to others.

I hatred is only for the character, not the figure.