Nintendo Announced New 3DS


It has a new analog stick!

Nintendo has announced new 3DS hardware simply titled New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL.  The system will come with bigger screens, longer battery life and a new analog stick called the C-Stick.  That brings back memories.

The New 3DS will come in black and white, and the New 3DS XL will come in Metallic Blue and Metallic Black.


The New 3DS’ buttons are based on Super Nintendo controllers, and 3DS XL buttons are based on GameCube.  Heck, even the new analog stick is named after GameCube’s C-Stick.




The C-Stick will be used in Dragon Quest X: Online, Final Fantasy Explorers and Monster Hunter 4G.  Even the upcoming Super Smash Bros. will use C-Stick to unleash Smash Attacks.


The game card slot is moved to the front, next to touch pen slot and power button.


The system will also come with two new shoulder pads: ZR and ZL.


The system has the function to adjust brightness automatically depending on the lighting.

wfqlcawetqbe6opxbziaThe new systems have also improved the 3D function.  The 3D effect will become blurred if the players viewed the screen from the side, but it won’t be the case anymore for the new systems.


The reason is because the new 3DS uses the portable camera and gyro sensors to track the player’s face.  The system can then make adjustments, ensuring the 3D effect isn’t blurred.

vikwm9rkxynnpo0sjevr uscg4xvcphmb1ylaff3a qsyqdullkojp0bvvmaoi The New Nintendo 3DS will also come equipped with a NFC reader in the touch screen, so players can put Amiibo toys on the device to be read.  Hopefully Nintendo will release some portal device in the future to support older 3DS devices.


New 3DS also gives players option to expand the memory by using the micro SD card under the device’s covering.



The device will have faster CPU, so players can download games and contents faster.


The new Nintendo 3DS will be priced for 16,000 yen, while the New Nintendo 3DS XL will be go for 18,800 yen.  Both will be out October 11th in Japan.  The devices are sure to come to other regions such as US, but it won’t happen this year.