Darth Vader and Son Maquette Review

Gentle Giant’s masterpiece pt. 2

We reviewed the Darth Vader’s Little Princess Maquette last week, and this week we’re going to review the second of this two-part Maquette set- Darth Vader and Son Maquette.


Yep, it’s as adorable as the Little Princess Maquette already.

20140811_134525 20140811_134536

This one comes with a limited edition book as well.


This time I got #245 out of 1500.  The numbering is a lot smaller than Little Princess Maquette’s 866, and it’s perhaps the best number I’ve ever gotten.


Ta-da!  Simple assembly is required 🙂


The base.  It has an opened gift box on it already.


The other side of the base has logo, name and again reminds me the number I’ve gotten.  #245 is a pretty sick number.

20140811_134906 20140811_134932

Vader himself, in the pose of holding something.


Little baby Luke.  He’s as adorable as his sister.


Luke’s position on the base.


Luke’s gift for his father is this necktie with Rebel Alliance’s logo.  Oh boy…


The necktie is placed nicely on Darth Vader’s arm.

20140811_135317 20140811_135331 20140811_135336 20140811_135341 20140811_135352 20140811_135412


The statue captures Darth Vader’s helplessness perfectly.  You can really see that Darth Vader doesn’t really know what to do with this disappointing gift, and Luke’s innocent smile is just great.  The Maquette also has a great paint job, and it’s definitely a great collector’s piece.  However, I like this Maquette better than the Little Princess one, mainly due to the necktie that can be placed on the Maquette easily.  That’s a nice touch.