Darth Vader’s Little Princess Maquette Review

Gentle Giant’s master piece pt. 1

Have you guys read the books Darth Vader and Son and Vader’s Little Princess by Jeffrey Brown?  The books are really cute, and it features Darth Vader in a fatherly role for young Luke and Leia.

Anyway, Gentle Giants has released two maquettes based on the books, and there are the cutest thing ever.  I will review the Darth Vader’s Little Princess Maquette today, and review another one later.

Oh my god, so adorable already!

20140811_133244 20140811_133256

The maquette also comes with a limited edition book.


What the…


A promotial card for a third book titled Good Night Darth Vader, and I didn’t even know about this?  The book has been out since July already, so I will be sure to look for it.


Yet another thing I didn’t know about.  The maquette is limited to 1500 pieces world wide, and I got #866.  I’m never lucky with these numbers…


The limited edition book.  It features glitter lettering on the cover and some additional illustrations not in the version sold in public.  It also features a lot of sketches from Brown himself.


Simple assembly is required.


The base.  It has logo, name and number on it as well.


The other side.  a scissor and some heart shape clothes.


Vader himself.


See the heart shaped holes?  You guys got a clue what happened yet?


Little princess Leia.




Little Leia holding her father’s leg after she cut her father’s cape.  But how can anyone stay mad with such a cute little face?

20140811_134130 20140811_134144

The holes look interesting and different from the back.

20140811_134148 20140811_134157 20140811_134205 20140811_134212 20140811_134218 20140811_134228

The maquette is seriously a great piece.  The paint job is perfect, and I enjoy the light up effect Gentle Giant gives on Darth Vader’s outfit.  The maquette is also great for display, and it will definitely lights up the room as a great collector’s piece.