Warner Bros. Developing Aquaman Movie with Two Screenwriters


With (most likely) Jason Momoa.

So Warner Bros. and DC Comics are planning to have one, or maybe two Aquaman movies.  It’s reported that WB has ordered two separate scripts for one Aquaman movie from writer Will Beall and Kurt Johnstad.

The idea is to have two different writers working on different scripts, and WB will put the one they like better into production.  These won’t be two different films, but chances are WB might like elements from one script, and either folded them into the first, or make a sequel out of it.

It’s been said for the longest time, and pretty much confirmed that Jason Momoa is going to be Aquaman for the franchise.  The only thing missing is the official announcement.  Aquaman is also set to appear in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and the Justice League film.