DC Collectibles New 52 Ultraman Review

The leader of the Crime Syndicate.

Here we go, the one you’ve been waiting for- Ultraman!


Ultraman is the leader of Crime Syndicate, and the evil version of Superman.  Being the total opposite of Superman, Ultraman is evil at heart, and he’s also afraid of sunlight.  To top things off, Ultraman also gets his power from snorting powdered Kryptonite.



The guy is clearly evil.  I don’t know how anyone can ever mistaken him as Superman.


The “U,” just like Superman’s “S,” is not really English letter, but Ultraman’s family sigil.



Ultraman’s cap is ripped and burned and dirty.  It shows that Ultraman is unkept, and he’s man of destruction and not peace.


There’s a mole on his lower lip, but I’m sure it’s just a painting mistake.  However, if it’s real, it does add a layer to the character.

As you can probably tell with this close-up, the painting is kind of cheap and out of line too.  It’s not a big deal, or affects the toy overall, but I’m hoping the paint job can be a little more professional.


Superman and Ultraman side-by-side.  Doesn’t seem like Ultraman’s suit is an Kryptonian like Superman’s.


All Crime Syndicate members are here, only Superwoman left now.

Overall, Ultraman is a great, and simple figure from DC Collectibles.  The figure looks great, and only have very minimal paint job problems.  It’s a great addition for DC Collectibles New 52 figures fan.