The Walking Dead #117 Review


3 of 12.

Negan is a real interesting villain.  He might be vicious, but he never makes unnecessary killings. He also has a lot of rules to keep things in order, and that’s not necessary a bad thing.

It turns out Negan doesn’t want all of his enemies to die as a result of the war.  In fact, he’s still planning on working with them after the war is over.  They cannot sink so low as raping their prisoners, or the community cannot function at all.

Thank god, I really though Holly is going to be a goner this issue.

I’m starting to like Negan more than ever now.  He is technically a “good” person that has more violent approaches at certain things, but it doesn’t mean he’s evil.  He didn’t harm Carl, and now he’s sparing Holly as well.  The Governor is evil, and Negan is just a very bad good person, or very good bad person depends on how you see it.  In a way or two, I’m actually rooting for Negan to win the war.

Tiger Shiva is really cool!  I think this is the first time we see her in action, and I’m loving the idea of having a tiger killing walkers.

As a greater event, this issue can be kind of slow if the event is planing on ending in 9 more issues.  That’s still a lot to go, so it’s hard to tell where the story will go next.  However, I still think the story should have more faster.


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