How Pokemon World Spends Its Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving!

Ever wonder how the wonderful world of Pokemon spends itsThanksgiving?

They eat Ho-Oh.  That’s why the Pokemon is rare now.

Look how delicious it is!

Other Pokemon on the menu: Farfetch’d, Tepig, Chansey’s egg, and Corphish.

For dessert, they will have Swirlix and Vanillite.

Pokemon Trainers will go home to a fatherless home.

Unless you count the professor next door as a father figure.

You might as well at this point.  I mean, he’s been wooing your mom for a while now.

The frustration thing is, he doesn’t even know your name or gender!

Pokemon Center will be closed on Thanksgiving, so make sure not to injure your Pokemons this day.

They will take their Pokemon out of their boxes.

Play football with a Voltorb.

Voltorb self-destructed.  What did I tell you about not injuring your Pokemon?

Oh well, one in the dozens anyway.

Watch holiday classics such as Frosty the Abomasnow-man.

The game between Kanto University and Johto State is on.  Turn the channel over!

Eat!  Eat!  Eat!  Make sure to have those Chansey Eggs!  They’re very nutritious.

Plan out your Black Friday Shopping.  I heard Goldenrod Department Store is having deals on Master Balls and Ultra Balls.

Most importantly, spend it with your Pokemon and love ones.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!